Loyalty and VIP Programmes at Online Casinos

It is very rare today to find an online casino that does NOT offer a loyalty program. The term VIP is used by some online casinos instead of loyalty program. Both terms mean the same thing. Many online casinos who are actively recruiting new members use a loyalty program as an incentive.

Terms of Loyalty Programms

The terms of the loyalty programs will vary from site to site. Some have three levels the maximum appears to be eight. To pass from one level to the next it is necessary to spend more money. The benefits of reaching higher levels are considerable. Comp points can be used to buy merchandise from the casinos online shop. They can also be exchanged for cash or for credits for the gaming machines. For players at the highest levels the casino may appoint an account manager to assist the player in the administration of their loyalty points.

Comp Points

Being awarded comp points is quite simple. All a player has to do is play games at the casino. The difficulty lies in understanding how the comp points are awarded. Each online casino will publish a list of values for comp points and how they are awarded. As an example a casino may publish that for every financial unit spent on poker might earn five points. The same financial unit spent on blackjack might earn 10 points. It is up to each player to read and understand the terms of the bonus scheme to save confusion at a later date. Confusion can easily arise where a player has not fully read and understood the terms and conditions of the loyalty program.

Casinos want to attract players who play regularly preferably every day. They may well attract new players and when the new player has proved their worth – spent a lot of money – alter the terms of the loyalty program to make it more favorable for the player. A player who requires a specific type of loyalty scheme should not have any problems in finding what they need. Casinos need to attract loyal players. Loyal players are the life blood of a casino.

When a casino realizes that they have a loyal player who is playing regularly and spending heavily they will use almost any means to keep that player.