The History of Online Casino Software

Although online casinos and the software behind them haven’t been around all that long, there is quite some history behind them. For the short period that it has been around, the software hasn’t changed much, but neither have the needs of the users.

The total number of Internet connected people worldwide is a bit over 3.2 billion people. This is not even half the population of the planet Earth. If we are being realistic, that is a lot of people. An estimated fourteen percent of those Internet connected people have played in the past, or are currently playing in an online casino. This is simply amazing, considering that fifteen years ago just a few hundred thousand were connected to the Internet.

The Beginning

The very first online casino only ran for several months. It was brain child of an Italian programmer called Gavino Freizo. He managed to write the code that today would be used as the backbone of every video slot game in every online casino. He wrote the code in the local library because he was broke after the divorce he went through with his wife, Clarisa Del’ Fuego. He managed to run the site on a small computer that he managed to by with his last savings.

It is sad to learn that the site was shut down by the Italian government because it promoted online gambling, something that the Italian government still considers as illegal. Even though this first online casino was quite short lived, a lot of people noticed the effects it had on the ones who participated. The very first games that he put in the casino were simply low quality video renditions of the ground based casino games, however, the fact that you could play this online was simply bind boggling to so many. As long as you have an internet connection, you can play anywhere.

The Opportunity

Many saw the opportunity that was behind the idea of Mister Freizo, and used the code that was so painstakingly written by him. Soon, several online casinos popped up and created history, the very same way the first people to fly created history. Today, not many know the story of the lonesome inventor, however, it can still be a consolidating fact that his legacy lives through every online casino game that has ever been made, and there really are there a lot of them.