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Interesting Facts about Online Blackjack

What trivia can be uncovered about online blackjack? Let us see!

Card Counting

It is not possible to count the cards while playing online blackjack. Because the cards are randomly chosen by a computer program there is no possible way to forecast cards. This is unlike real-time blackjack where card counting is possible and indeed is practiced by some players.

American Connection

There is serious debate as to the origins of blackjack. Some people claim it was invented in France and the opposing faction claim it was invented in Italy. The only certainty is the American connection. The chairs that surround the table are called bases. First base is located to the left of the dealer and consequentially second base and then third base. This continues until the last base. This is definitely a baseball connection.

American Connection 2

In the United States of America, California is the Blackjack Hall of Fame. It is located in the Barona Casino. Any player that has been entered in the Hall of Fame (including internet players) is entitled to use the facilities of hotel. They are entitled to free accommodation, free drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and free food. The only thing they are NOT allowed to do is play blackjack in the casino.

The House

The fact is that blackjack is a Random Number Generated game. The numbers or to be more accurate, the screen representations of cards are randomly generated by a computer program. This means that if you keep playing for long enough, the house will always win. Should you be fortunate enough to have a lucky streak and win some games, then “quit while you are ahead” is the maxim that should be applied. Take your winnings and leave the site.

Professionals and Bases

Many professional blackjack players believe that certain bases (seats) are more liable to be lucky and therefore pay out more winnings. This is totally untrue in both the online world and the real-world. There is no scientific proof that any base can have an advantage.


If you are addressed as a George, this is not an insult or a lack of memory. It is on the contrary a great compliment. In the gambling world a person who tips very well is called a George. This should normally be applicable to real-time gambling but it is possible to leave a tip on an online gambling site. It is unfathomable why someone would want to tip a computer program.