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How To Become a Poker Dealer

You might not be exactly living on easy street when you begin, as figures for the average salary of a poker dealer ranges between roughly $22,000 and $15,000 without tips depending on where he works, but it could be the start of something much larger. If it works out and you learn the tricks of the trade, keep your nose clean, and make the right connections, eventually you can transit into higher level positions within the casino that offers more cash as well as tips and clients. You may also try yourself as a live dealer at one of UK's best online poker sites – the latest trend in online gambling world.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Be honest with yourself, do you possess the necessary skills, drive, motivation, and personality type to become a successful poker dealer? Like any other member of the customer service workforce, a dealer must possess excellent communication skills and to be an outgoing personality. There is one more thing…you have to be able to be pretty darn good at adding and subtracting to be able to count chips of all players at the table.

The First Step

You have to visit some dealer training courses. If that is not possible, then you at least need some sort of comparative degree or certificate. You might stand out from the crowd if you enroll in some dealing classes or take an online course or two. Normally, many casinos place candidates in their own curriculums, but knowing the ins and outs before you get started may give you a leg up on the competition.

Know Your Niche

Keep your eyes on the classifieds and if don’t immediately find the position of your dreams, or even one where you can learn the ropes, keep looking and don’t despair. Studies have shown the growth for gaming industry employees is expected to increase by 13 percent by 2020, which is pretty significant.

Prepare For That Interview

Make sure you have a freshly laundered, flattering ensemble for any interviews you might have landed. Remember you will be right smack in the public eye, so become a card virtuoso with a dramatic flair to grab people’s attention. Casinos are seeking dealers whose personality draws people to the table and keeps them there for as long as they have chips.

Get Certified

You must have an official license from the state you would like to work in, whether that be through a specific state agency or gaming commission. Every casino worker needs to possess official paperwork, have a clean background, and of course not test positive for illegal substances. Naturally, each state has its own set of rules, but many of them will not allow you to receive a license if you have a felony on your record. You will need to supply the requisite fee and various forms of identification to begin the process.