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How to Get a Golden Bracelet in WSOP?

At first, the Golden Bracelet was nothing more than a prize for some kind of tournament, and didn’t really mean much to any of the winners. But, as time passed it became more and more a prestigious item that finally recognizes ones skill.

This article will show you the history of the bracelet, how it looks, and how to get it.


The event that began the WSOP was held around 1972 and involved seven of the best poker players in the world at that time. The main prize of the event was a silver cup and all the money the given players have won from the games so far.

Given the success of the event, it became an annual event that was held multiple times a year. The first winner of the event at that time only received a silver cup and all the money he won during the game. Later as the tournament grew, it needed some sort of prize that made it stand out from any other tournaments, so the Golden Bracelet was invented.

The difference between the past and now is that in the past you didn’t have to win the whole tournament to win the bracelet. In 1981, Chip Reese won it for being the “Best All-Around Player”. Before the 2000s, there were only 14 bracelets per year. As poker became more and more famous, the amount of rewards was increased.

Today, there are 1008 bracelets to be won each year in different categories, which makes it easier to get home with a prize. But the one and only golden bracelet is still something that has way more of a value as a prize than money.


In the beginning, the bracelet looked more like a hammered flat gold nuggets. They had this look until even after the change of the company that manufactured them in 1980, according to the words of the 2003 WSOP champion Chris Moneymaker until they were bought again.

How to Get One?

One way is to go to the Harrah's Resort Atlantic City and sign up for one of the events that are being held there annually, and hopefully with lots of luck and skill, win a bracelet for yourself.

Another way is to buy a bracelet from eBay or some of the other previous champions, as some players actually sell them.