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What is Showdown in Poker?

If you are wondering what to play, or have no idea how to pass your time, why don’t you try playing poker for a change? In this article, we will show you the thrill-filled game of Poker, where the most exciting moment you can have is The Showdown.

Surviving through the winds of time and a couple of wars, poker, as with many other card games, can be pretty addictive and has its own set of rules. There are a couple of different poker games but the two most played versions are the Texas Hold ‘Em and the classic Five Card Draw.

There are many different situations a player can find himself in during a poker game. Whether it is winning, losing, finding a good friend, or enjoying a friendly conversation with your opponents, the fact remains that the most intense moment is the showdown.


Poker first made its appearance sometime in the 19th century in America and as years have passed it has become one of the favorite pastimes in the world. With its simple rules, it can be both a great and awful experience. The original version of Poker is Five Card Draw.

As the years have passed, many other versions have been created, such as Texas Hold ‘Em. Texas Hold ‘Em can be played in both casinos and on the internet. Other different variations came after the 52 English card deck became widely spread. For example, the wildcard was created around 1875, Split Pot Poker was created around middle 1900s, and the community card poker games are dated somewhere around 1925.

Today, there are more than 10 different variations but each and every one them includes the showdown.

The Showdown

The showdown is the last act of the game, the moment when you put your cards down and see if you have won or lost. There can be more than one winner of a game if two or more players have the same card values, for example a pair of Jacks, if that happens then the two winners split the pot (bet) and the game continues with a new round of cards is given.

There are many other rules in this game and its variations but the only one that is still without a change is The Showdown.