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Life after Tours – Poker Tour Winners

The Addiction

Poker is addictive. Once it has got into your blood stream then it takes hold and creates an insatiable urge to win more and more Tours. “Tours” is an abbreviation of the word tournament. Before the introduction of televised Poker Tours, Poker Tours were advertised as Poker Tournaments.

Many of the worlds leading poker players, that have won Tours, have a burning desire to emulate the thrill time and time again. Professional poker can be a very lucrative career for the lucky and talented players. Apart from the adulation of the poker following, there is the press attention. The most important part of winning a Poker Tour is the prize money. The top prizes are life changing amounts of money.

The winner of a tour may be invited to give lectures, for which they receive excellent financial rewards. Some players are invited to participate in sponsorship deals which can be extremely lucrative. Many try their hands at writing text books on the subject of poker. This in itself can be lucrative. There are the royalties from the book and all the book signing sessions to promote the book. Since the introduction of live coverage of poker tours many players receive endorsements and invitations to appear on other television shows.

A Real Life Example

An example would be Doyle F. Brunson who was born on 13th August 1933. He has been a professional poker player for more than 50 years. He was a family man with all the responsibilities this creates, and he has had a glittering career. He was the first ever professional poker player to win consecutive championships in the Main Event of the World Poker Series in 1976 and 1977. He is the author of the book entitled Super/System which was published in 1979.

This book is widely recognized by many of the worlds’ professional poker players to be “the Bible” on the subject of poker. There appears not to be a life after tours. Players keep playing with the burning desire to win. A word of warning, to all aspiring professional poker players, only the very best players make it to the top. There are a tremendous number of people that fall by the wayside. They are simply not good enough to make it to the top.