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General Poker Tournament Rule

In most online casino poker tournaments the player must to pay buy-in in order to start the game. At some casinos even additional fixed fee may be charged from all the players for running the event. Then the player receives the certain number of chips used only in tournament games. These chips do not have any cash value and it is not allowed to use cash during the tournament. According to some poker tournament rule the players are offered the option of re-buy or buy-back, it means that the player can buy more chips not leaving the game. This action may be optional (the players low or out of chips can use it) or offered for all the players, in this case re-buys are also called add-ons.

The pot in tournaments is as a rule derived from the buy-ins, however, outside founds can be contributed as well. Really, some Australian poker tournaments do not make their players to pay buy-ins instead they form the prizes from the sponsorship or gate receipts. Such tournaments are called the freerolls.Most tournaments in accordance with general poker tournament rule finish as soon as all the players but one leave the game thought the rules can vary. Sometimes the poker tournament ends by the agreement of the remaining gamblers. It mostly happens when two players compete for the pot with nearly the equal low amount of chips. Every player is afraid to lose everything so both players decide to split the pot or divide it proportionaly to their remaining chips.

Multi-table poker tournaments give the chance for many gamblers to play simultaneously at numerous tables. Sometimes to enter the major expensive tournament the players are to take part in the satellite tournaments in which the buy-ins are much smaller than in the main event. According to the results of the satellite tournaments the players do not get money as prizes but the seats in the major tournament.  These entering tournaments can be held at different venues where you can also come across online slots and poker online tournaments.

Single-table tournament or STTis played at only one poker table and involves up to nine or ten players at a time. According to the poker tournament rule these tournaments usually start as soon as all the seats are occupied, which is also referred to the sit-and-go or SNG tournaments. These days sit-and-goes are held at more than one single table. Multi-table sit-and-go tournaments are especially popular in the online casinos. No matter how big attraction to play may sometimes be, remember, the signs of gambling addiction are not always obvious, therefore, please control yourself.