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Privacy Statement

pokergamesguru.com is a completely spam free website. So you need not to be worried about that. We can give better protection to you from being harmed by the spam. The best thing of our website is that we give most importance to your privacy. pokergamesguru.com is not used for renting, sharing or selling your confidential information to others. Please read the following article to know details about the privacy policy of our website.

Summary of Our Privacy Policy

pokergamesguru.com provides you the opportunity to browse the site without creating any account. But if you want to contribute this you must have to complete the registration.

You need to provide limited information in the time of registration to this site.

In the time of registration we may ask about your name, geographic location and e-mail address as well. After the registration you can easily sign in and will be a member of pokergamesguru.com .

pokergamesguru.com can easily record and receives your information through the server logs from the browser that you use. These include your IP address, your requested pages and cookie information of yours.

pokergamesguru.com utilize these information for the various purposes like customizing the advertisement, enriching our content, providing your requested information, making contact with you and researching as well.

Usage of the E-mail Address

You shouldn't concern about the usage of e-mail address because it will only be used in the purpose of responding your questions; requests or suggestions for assisting the site for using. If you recommend in the time of registration, you will be supplied the newsletter through the e-mail address that is published occasionally when we need to share some information with you.

Sharing and Disclosing the Information

As we say earlier that pokergamesguru.com does not sell, rent or share your confidential information to any person or any companies. But in the case of providing your requested information it may be required. Under the following situations we may need to do this with your complete permission.

In the case of court orders, legal practice, defending against legitimate claims or establishing our legal rights.

We believe that it is highly required to share information for the investigation, preventing crimes, securing any person from being harmed or taking actions against criminal activities or in the case of violations of our terminologies.

If the pokergamesguru.com is taken or combined with other company, we have to share your information.


Your cookies will be set and accessed by the pokergamesguru.com on your computer. After setting the cookies your log in details will be remembered each time by your computer when you revisit our site.

Privacy and Safety

We only share the necessary information of yours to our employees that is required to perform their job. We also limit the access to your information by our employees.


For the purpose of enriching the pokergamesguru.com , we customize some limited advertisements for free in some of our pages. Some advertisements may collect your IP address or domain type when they are clicked upon. That's why you need to be cautious in providing the information to the advertisers.


We keep the right to revise the policy at anytime without any notice.