Mobile Casino Market Facts

There is a lot of history behind online casinos. This article will give you a small insight into the world that is the Internet. It will also touch on what is a mobile casino and how it is different from an online one.

The Internet is a great platform for communication and sharing different information, as this was its intended purpose. An army project became technology that connects over 2.3 billion people world-wide. Different services like online retail and entertainment have tapped into this pool of possibilities, and these are some of the most profitable businesses anywhere. Online gambling is one industry that has found its home on the Internet, but how are online casinos any different than mobile ones?

There is not much difference really. Online casinos ARE mobile casinos, but mobile casinos are online casinos that have been redesigned in such a way that they are suitable to be seen and used on smart phones and tablets. You can now have a casino in the palm of your hand, anytime and anywhere.

The First of Its Kind

The very first casino on record to open its virtual doors to people all over the world was that of an entrepreneur who led the way for so many others. At first this wasn’t as popular with the masses, because online banking wasn’t as safe as it is today. With the different security systems that are in place, your funds are as safe as your personal information. The very first online casino was powered by a small server located in Florence, Italy. It was the brain-child of a man called Gavino Frei. The site ran for a couple of years but it was taken down due to lack of popularity and the cost of running it. Even though this pioneer’s attempt flopped, it paved the way for so many other people who noticed his attempt.

The Rising Tide

This business plan is indeed a booming one. With more and more people getting access to the internet, mobile and online casinos have both quadrupled in size and number. And why not? You can play from the comfort of your own home without having to be bothered by other people. The number of users visiting online casinos has reached a number five times larger than the one seen in 2005. At that time, it was estimated that approximately 400 unique visitors visited an online casino each day, now that number has skyrocketed.